International Excellence Awards

International Excellence Awards was hosted by International Excellence Foundation, Florida. The Award Ceremony was hosted to address various personalities, who have excelled in their field and contributed to society.

K Media Management was the media partner for the event and was an honour to cover the entire event with personalities from around the World.

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Emlyon Executive programme meeting with RKHBC



Emlyon Executive program meeting with Al Habtoor Group was held at the Habtoor Complex on the 1st of November 2021.

Delegates from France were present at the event, with all the executives of RKHBC, discussing major topics like how the Business setup process has evolved, and the procedures to set up a business in Dubai.

Mr. Rashid Al Habtoor, himself was the person addressing all the questions from the side of the delegates. He also added how easy it is now to start up a business in Dubai comparatively. RKHBC has been established in Dubai with the aim of inviting more investors to the City and giving a message globally, regarding the business atmosphere in the UAE!

K Media Management, the Media Partner for RKHBC covered the Whole event conducting Photoshoot and video coverage.

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